Police close in on body cameras

According to Chief Robert Crosby, the Wilton Police Commission and police department have demoed two manufacturers and will now test a third for the anticipated body cameras, made possible earlier this year by a gift from Realty Seven in Wilton and a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.
“We’ve demoed VIEVU, and we’ve been in the midsts of demoing Taser for about a month,” said Crosby. “A camera from Panasonic will come next week for us to test.”
Panasonic body cameras, which Crosby said he and the commission are “very interested in,” would be able to link with the Panasonic in-car video systems already installed in Wilton police cruisers.
Once the body camera from Panasonic is thoroughly tested by a Wilton patrol officer, “then we’ll be able to make the choice from there on which company, we feel, manufactures the best camera,” Crosby said.