Police cars in great shape

The typical Wilton police car is a late model American-made utility vehicle with no body damage and lots of engine life to go.

The oldest cars in the fleet are 2014 models, just two years old, according to data provided to The Bulletin by the Wilton Police Department.

“All our cars are in good condition,” said Capt. Thomas Conlan. “They look good and present a nice professional image.”

Police car replacement is often a driver of police budgets in small towns and large cities alike, because the vehicles get a lot of use. But Wilton’s fleet is in good repair and it does not appear the department is hurting for new cars any time soon.

The only vehicles the department could not talk about are the ones they use for undercover work. Those are typically cars that don’t stand out from the ones the public drives.

The official vehicle of the Wilton Police Department is the Ford Interceptor police utility vehicle. The department has 15 of them.