Police Log: Tree incident, car accident, fishing fines

Tree incident revisited

Steve Campbell, 36, of 2 Lennon Lane, was arrested for breach of peace on June 28 when he turned himself in to police on an arrest warrant from an incident that took place May 15.

The incident was a dispute between neighbors over a tree Campbell was attempting to cut down using a chainsaw. Both Campbell and his neighbors at 1 Lennon Lane believe the tree is on their property. Based on video produced by Campbell’s wife, the neighbor was charged with criminal mischief and breach of peace when police were called to the dispute on May 15.

However, video produced by Campbell’s neighbor showed he hit her arm and “was out of control” according to police.

Campbell was charged with breach of peace in the second degree and released on a promise to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on July 6.

Four-car accident

Police said the driver of a 2014 Toyota Sienna caused causing a four-car accident by following another car too closely on June 30 at 3:04 p.m.

The Toyota was traveling north on Danbury Road near Sharp Hill Road when the car in front of it, a 2016 Audi A3, stopped. The Toyota hit the Audi, causing it to sideswipe a 2014 Infiniti in the next lane, which then hit a 2015 BMW.

The drivers of the Toyota and Audi were taken to Norwalk Hospital, one complaining of head pain and the other of neck and leg pain.

The Toyota, BMW and Audi were towed due to damage. The driver of the Toyota was ticketed for following too closely.

Expensive fishing

Four men received $92 fines each on June 29 for trespassing at the reservoir on Old Huckleberry Road. Police saw their car parked at the entrance to the reservoir and encountered them as they were leaving. The men were carrying fishing equipment and said they had come to fish but left after five minutes. They were fined for simple trespass.

Domestic abuse log

During the period of June 29 to July 4, police responded to one incident of family violence.