Pit bull mauling victim's son turns himself in to Wilton Police on arrest warrant

On Tuesday, Feb. 4, 26-year-old Ian Murray, of 77 Range Road, turned himself in to police on an arrest warrant for failing to respond to an infraction.

The infraction was issued on Aug. 4 after an animal control officer was called to investigate a roaming dog on a neighbor’s property on Range Road.

The pit bull reportedly growled at the neighbor and when the animal control officer arrived, Mr. Murray was seen at the neighbor’s house putting the dog in a car.

Mr. Murray was given an infraction ticket, totaling $242:

• $92 for allowing the dog to roam;

• $75 for harboring a nuisance dog;

• $75 for having an unlicensed dog.

Capt. John Lynch said although Mr. Murray claimed the dog belonged to his brother, the pit bull was Mr. Murray’s responsibility since he was in control of the dog at the time.

Three months after the incident, Mr. Murray’s mother, Anne Murray, was later viciously attacked by the pit bull on Nov. 11, losing her hand and arm. Wilton police shot and killed the dog at the scene.

Mr. Murray was processed at police headquarters and released on a $200 bond.

Mr. Murray is scheduled to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on Thursday,  Feb. 13.