Phone solicitations do not represent Wilton Fire Department

Phone calls received by Wilton residents in recent weeks by a company that claims to represent the Wilton Fire Department are not illegal, but they are certainly unsavory.

According to Lt. Don Wakeman of the Wilton Police Department, residents have been receiving calls from a corporation known as Firefighter Support Services Inc. The company’s representatives have told residents they are soliciting money for the Wilton Fire Department.

He said this is a national organization that collects money on behalf of fire departments across the country and does not specifically benefit Wilton.

“Money donated to this company can — in theory — benefit any fire department in the country,” he said, because fire departments can call on the organization in times of need.

The problem, he said, is “the phone call can sometimes make you think the money is going towards your local fire department,” when it may not be.

It can be especially confusing because the Wilton firefighters union recently sent residents its annual appeal letter.

Dave Chaloux, president of the union, said in a recent letter that “neither the Wilton Fire Department, nor the Wilton Fire Fighters: Local 2233 make telephone solicitations of any kind.”

The easiest way to donate to the fire department directly is to visit