Pharmacist foils would-be forgers

The vigilance of a pharmacist at the CVS on Old Ridgefield Road in Wilton Center resulted in two men being arrested for an attempt to pass a fraudulent prescription.
Danny Garcia, 30, from Quincy Avenue in the Bronx, N.Y., and Adnan Mahmood, 25, from West 75th Street in New York City, tried to fill two fake prescriptions on Thursday, June 18, one for 30mg Oxycodone and the other for prescription-strength Ibuprofen.
The pharmacist noticed the prescription slips did not have the federally required DEA registration numbers needed for the distribution of controlled substances, and called the doctor whose name was on the prescription slips. He said not to fill them.
Realizing the prescriptions were fake, the pharmacist asked the two men to come back. When they stepped out of the store, the pharmacist called 911.
Later, Garcia and Mahmood called to see if the prescriptions had been filled and were told they could return to pick them up.
Police were waiting for the two men when they returned, and arrested them on charges of forgery 2nd and conspiracy forgery 2nd. Garcia was also charged with larceny 3rd for the purchase of the fraudulent pad in New York.
They were held on $5,000 bond each and had a court date of June 18.
The Wilton Police Department is headquartered in the town hall complex at 240 Danbury Road. Twenty-seven officers, three detectives, six supervisors, two lieutenants and one captain work under Interim Chief Robert Crosby.
The phone number for routine matters, including requesting a police report, is 203-834-6260.