National TV show to highlight Redding attorney's death today at 2 p.m.

Crime Watch Daily, a syndicated television show created in 2015, will highlight the death of Gugsa 'Abe' Dabela today at 2 p.m. on Channel 11.

Dabela, a Redding resident and attorney, died in Redding in 2014 in what the Connecticut Medical Examiner's office ruled a suicide. Dabela's family has long alleged police incompetence and corruption led to the misclassification of his death.

The State's Attorney currently investigating the case said in an April press release there has been "no evidence of any conspiracy on the part of the Redding Police Department,” Stephen J. Sedensky III said in a press release. “The Redding Police Department has cooperated fully with the Office of the State’s Attorney and the State Police throughout this investigation, as well as cooperating with the forensic expert retained by the Dabela family in 2014.”

A reporter for the show was seen by Pilot staff two weeks ago soliciting comment on the case at the Lumberyard Pub, and a clip from the promotional material for the show appears to have been filmed in the parking lot of the Black Cat Grille in Georgetown.

According to the show's 21-second promotional video, the episode will ask, was Dabela's death "a suicide, or murder?"