Man attacks ex-girlfriend second time in two months

Eduardo Ramos, 50, of Horseshoe Lane in Westport, entered into his ex-girlfriend’s Wilton home on June 20 without permission and struck her with her own web-cam, according to a police report.
Using a set of keys, police said, Ramos entered through the front door.
In doing so, he violated a protective order issued in response to a similar incident that occurred May 27, in which Ramos entered without permission, pushed his ex-girlfriend down and grabbed and broke her glasses, resulting in disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing charges. Ramos reportedly has a child with the woman, and visits his son at the Wilton home the son shares with his mother.
When Ramos went to the house on June 20, he went into his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom and found her sitting at her computer. He grabbed her web-cam and threw it at her head, police said.
Ramos fled the scene shortly after.
When police responded around 1:51 a.m., they asked the woman if they could use her phone to contact Ramos. She complied. They asked Ramos if he would come down to the station. He complied.
Ramos was charged with burglary 1st, disorderly conduct, and violation of a protective order. He was released on $1,000 bond and had a court date of June 22.
Police conducted what are known as "deterrent runs" in the victim's neighborhood several times a night for several days after the incident.
The Wilton Police Department is within the town hall complex at 240 Danbury Road. The number to call for routine matters is 203-834-6260.