Lululemon clothing, Taser among items turned in to police this week

Any time a resident brings in 'found property' to the police station, the department's public information officer sends a list of the property to newspapers in Wilton. Starting this week, residents will be able to check a running log of 'found property' in the Police & Fire section of

Simply search for 'Found Property' on our website to find weekly lists.

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The following found property can be reclaimed at Wilton police station:
A pair of brown Legre glasses in a black hard case was found during an organized town clean-up on the green in Wilton Center.
Two pieces of clothing purchased at Lululemon of Westport were found at the CT Coffee parking lot last week. A credit card receipt was found with the clothing, but police we unable to trace its ownership due to credit card privacy laws.
A black Taser brand stun-gun was found in the Wilton Town Forest last week. “It looks as though a cartridge could fit in it, but it could be more like a drive stun-gun,” Lt. Brennan said.