K9 donors step up to the plate

The Wilton Police Department’s K9 unit emerged thousands of dollars for the richer Aug. 8.

The Board of Selectmen, during a special meeting Aug. 8 at town hall, accepted 12 gifts to the K9 fund.

Blue Buffalo Company LTD, the pet food company based in Wilton, donated $10,000. This is significant because the company also provides dog food for the K9 unit, said Detective Lt. Stephen Brennan.

Capt. John Lynch, who oversees the K9 unit, was not available to comment on what the money will be used for.

Jacqueline K. and William W. bishop donated $4,000 to the K9 unit.

Lauren R. Pinchbeck donated $2,000.

The Krasnow Family Foundation donated $1,000.

Dean A. and Carol A. Corriveau donated $200 as did Jeffrey J. and Valerie K. Hunger.

Christopher Kehoe and Mary Louise McArdle donated $150. Joan E. and Richard E. King donated $100.

Stephen W. Petit donated $50. Peggy Miller Furanna donated $25. SLB donated $25.

The K9 unit is now training a new dog, Baso, to come on duty in the fall. Baso is a German Shepherd being trained in narcotics detection, finding missing persons based on their scent, and taking down aggressive suspects.

The dog was purchased and trained with donated funds.