Icy conditions led to numerous accidents Sunday morning

Sunday morning, Jan. 18, was quite busy for Wilton police officers, as slippery road conditions led to seven motor vehicle accidents and more than 15 disabled vehicles.

“There seemed to be a point when everything froze at once which covered many roads in a layer of ice,” Capt. Don Wakeman said Monday. “At approximately 7:45 a.m. our first report of a weather-related motor vehicle accident was received and the officers remained busy throughout the morning responding to numerous reports of accidents and disabled vehicles.”

Many of the 15 disabled vehicle calls police responded to involved more than one car, Capt. Wakeman said, as many vehicles became stuck in similar places.

Of the seven accidents on Sunday, many involved a car striking “either a tree or a mailbox” and two involved “a previously disabled vehicle [that] ended up being struck by another vehicle attempting to maneuver past,” Capt. Wakeman said.

No one was injured in any of the accidents, the officer said, and “once sand trucks were able to lay down salt, drivers that found themselves stuck were able to get themselves on their way.”