Frequent forger finally caught

Over the course of a few weeks spanning from late May to mid-June, according to police, Jason Turoczi, 33, of 63 Tide Mill Terrace, Southport, passed five bad checks to the Village Market on 108 Old Ridgefield Road in exchange for produce. He was arrested on July 12 at 9 p.m.
The amounts were $97, $105, $82, $61 and $100, totaling $445.
Three of the five were forged checks belonging to his mother, landing him three counts of forgery and three of identity theft to go along with  five counts of larceny and five counts of issuing a bad check.
The other two checks were written out of Turoczi’s own closed account.
Village Market reported the checks were not coming through to police on June 9.
He was given a bond of $5,000, which he made.
Turoczi will appear in court on July 22.