First selectman suggests renovation, no new building for North Wilton firehouse

Expanding the North Wilton firehouse to make room for a tanker truck may prove to be impossible, First Selectman Bill Brennan announced Monday, March 2.
However, he also said it may still be possible to create enough room for a tanker truck without expanding the building.
“I’m reluctant to be going down [the road of a new building],” Mr. Brennan said. “We can probably renovate this sufficiently to handle the needs for the next 10 years or so.”
The health department has restrictions related to sewage and well systems, he said, that prevent the town from expanding the building.
“What can we physically put on the site?” he asked rhetorically. “The septic system is basically built over ledge rock. It’s OK and it’s functioning, but if you add any additional mass to the building, you increase the water usage because expansions include the addition of rest room facilities. If you expand the mass of the building, you expand the sewage coming out. We would be required to have septic that meets the full code for the building.”
Mr. Brennan said these restrictions present a “test of reality” for the building, which has been a “complex problem” for many years.
“The feeling is we are coping, and we can manage. This isn’t life or death. … This is not fire station headquarters,” Mr. Brennan said.
A new building on a new site could cost anywhere from $6 million to $8 million, the first selectman said.
For now, the Board of Selectmen has ordered an architectural and engineering study of the building, which will cost $90,000.