Firehouse No. 2 roof to be raised, doors enlarged

The roof at Firehouse No. 2 on Ridgefield Road must be raised several feet so that the vehicle entry doors can be enlarged to accommodate larger, modern fire apparatus, according to architects and engineers who have developed a renovation plan.

The Fire Station No. 2. Building Committee will present its findings to the Board of Selectmen during the first meeting in January, said Rich McCarty, chairman of the committee. The board’s next meeting is Jan. 8.

McCarty said that Rob Sanders, the architect on the project, has provided drawings for the new space. He provided a copy to The Bulletin.

“The only real enhancement, if you can call it that, is to accommodate bigger doors. The doors don’t meet current height requirements for the types of vehicle most fire truck manufacturers are building, so to accommodate options for buying apparatus and juggling existing apparatus, the doors had to be made taller by a few feet,” he said.

While raising the roof, it will be extended about 20 feet farther back of the building to provide additional storage space and rooms within the facility, he said.

A cost estimate is expected to come in the near future.

The goal is to get a final project budget in time for the budget season next year.

Wilton voters last year approved a $90,000 bond authorization to complete architectural and engineering schematics for the renovation.