Fire Department digs out from blizzard

The Wilton Fire Department took advantage of the mostly sunny weather Feb. 10 to put firefighters on duty with shovels, digging out from the heavy and deep snow left by the blizzard the day before.

Nine inches of heavy-packed snow had fallen by 3 p.m. Thursday, with 14 inches in neighboring Ridgefield.

“The follow-up work today is digging out the fire hydrants downtown,” said Chief Ronald Kanterman.

The fire department dealt with the blizzard by putting extra firefighters on duty. There were 12 ready to work, instead of the usual six, Kanterman said. The crews were distributed evenly between both firehouses to accommodate all possible incidents in town.

However, there was only one real fire call. A car struck a telephone pole and knocked down some high power cables, which burned on Canterbury Lane. It was reported at 1:50 p.m. to the dispatchers as a brush fire, Kanterman said.

If there had been actual fires to respond to, it would have been challenging because private driveways were clogged with snow, Kanterman said.

The slippery roads would have been a challenge, but not one the department is not prepared to deal with.

“Our drivers are trained to drive in this weather,” Kanterman said. And they did — the department responded to four medical calls.

“In terms of yesterday when the snow hit, we had no accidents,” said Lt. Robert Cipolla, spokesman for the department. “We had a safe day on the roads. It looks like people heeded the advice and stayed home.”