Fire Department asks help in keeping hydrants clear

The Wilton Fire Department has sent out a reminder that snow accumulation or the results of plowing and snow clearing can completely cover or restrict access to fire hydrants.

Blocked hydrants can result in catastrophe if firefighters have to spend time finding a buried hydrant and clearing snow away.

“The time we spend locating and accessing a hydrant buried in snow could cause a fire to more than triple in size before it can be used,” the department said.

The fire department asks residents and business owners who have fire hydrants near their property to clear away snow and ice so they are easily visible and accessible. A path should be cleared to the hydrant from the road and snow removed from all sides so a hose can easily be connected.

“It will only take a few extra minutes and is a quick and easy way to help you and your neighbors,” the department said. “Digging out a fire hydrant could make a critical difference in the event of an emergency. It could save a life.”