Finance board approves grant requests

The Board of Finance approved several grant requests during its Oct. 17 meeting — all of which were previously approved at the Board of Selectmen’s Oct. 10 meeting.

DUI grant

The finance board unanimously approved the Wilton Police Department’s request to receive $51,000 in Comprehensive DUI Grant funding for 2017-18.

The grant, offered through the Connecticut Department of Transportation, covers costs related to overtime, Chief Financial Officer Anne Kelly-Lenz explained.

In past years, the department has used the grant money to patrol and look for intoxicated drivers using enforcement techniques, such as DUI checkpoints, during holidays with high likelihood of intoxicated drivers like Thanksgiving, Christmas and News Years.

It has also allowed more officers than usual to patrol at a time.

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Emergency management

The board authorized the Wilton Fire Department’s request to apply for $9,300 in Emergency Management Performance Grant funding through the Connecticut Department of Homeland Security Management.

In the past, money from the federally-funded grant has been used to “offset the salary costs of the emergency management director,” said Kelly-Lenz.

“I do see these funds coming in; we put in our grant fund, and as soon as we get the reimbursement, we transfer over his costs based on this revenue.”

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Citizens Corps grants

The board approved the fire department’s request to apply for two $1,000 grants through the Connecticut Emergency Management and Homeland Security’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection’s Citizens Corps Program.

The first would designate funds for “response-related equipment for CERT [Community Emergency Response Team] deployment when assisting the Wilton police and fire departments — specifically portable scene lighting and traffic control equipment” like barriers and cones, said Kelly-Lenz.

The second would “cover costs related to the delivery of CERT initial training courses for mission-related equipment and/or identification apparel for new CERT members,” said Kelly-Lenz.

The funds would be used “mostly for identification apparel worn on deployment, including approved reflective vests and jackets,” she said, and “a basic initial training course will be delivered in the upcoming weeks.”

Click here to learn more about the Citizens Corps Program.

Portable generator

The finance board granted permission to the Wilton Fire Department to request one 10,000-watt Generac portable generator from the Regional Emergency Planning Team.

“The Regional Emergency Planning Team has notified different towns in the area that they have multiple portable generators available,” said Kelly-Lenz.

Although it’s considered a grant, she said, the town would receive the equipment rather than funds.

Deputy Fire Chief Mark Amatrudo told the Board of Selectman the “grant” is worth approximately $2,200.

“Instead of a traditional grant where funds would be received and we would purchase the generator, this program would provide the town with the actual generator ... as a donation.”

The generator would be assigned to CERT to use during “extended deployments in support of Wilton police and fire where electrical power is needed,” she said.

“The generator would be placed on the CERT enclosed trailer that carries the ATV and would be available to the town’s uniformed emergency services if needed.”