Fake prescriptions lead to two arrests in Wilton

Two Wilton women were arrested on Monday, Nov. 14, by Wilton police for illegally obtaining prescription drugs and other charges.

According to a police report, members of Wilton’s detective division, along with the Weston Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Tactical Diversion Squad, served arrest warrants on Janice Murphy and Jean Murphy-Sweeny of 22 Powder Horn Hill Road. Each was arrested on state of Connecticut warrants stemming from an investigation into “the diversion of prescription pills” within Fairfield County.

Janice Murphy, 55, and Jean Murphy-Sweeny, 54, allegedly created and filled fake prescriptions in the name of a child of one of the women. They also stand accused of billing an insurance agency for the drugs. Murphy-Sweeny is also alleged to have obtained prescriptions from two different doctors without each of the doctors’ knowledge.

Murphy was charged with 16 counts of forgery in the second degree, 16 counts of illegally obtaining drugs by fraud, one count of criminal attempt/forgery in the second degree, and health insurance fraud.

Murphy-Sweeny was charged with three counts of second-degree forgery, three counts of illegally obtaining drugs by fraud, one count of health insurance fraud, and two counts of doctor shopping.

Each was assessed $50,000 bond cash, with a court date of Nov. 15.