Driver that pushed vehicle into Horseshoe Pond may have been drunk

The Honda CRV stuck in Horseshoe Pond on Monday was pushed into the waterbody by a Toyota Corolla that failed to stop at the stop sign in front of the pond, police said Tuesday, April 28.

According to Lt. Stephen Brennan, the accident remains under investigation, including an investigation into whether the driver of the Corolla, a 42-year-old non-resident, was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

He said a DUI case number had been "pulled" by the investigating officer, and that the officer would be seeking a warrant to release the driver's blood alcohol level when she was taken to Norwalk Hospital after the crash.

The CRV, driven by a 55-year-old non-resident, was pushed more than 50 feet to the left of the pond before it fell in. The Corolla came to a stop just before entering.

Brennan said the driver of the CRV was lucky the pond was very shallow where her car was pushed in. Two pedestrians were able to help the woman get out of the car after the accident.

The Wilton Dive Team was involved in the accident scene, donning weather-proof dive suits and helping Parkway Towing, of Norwalk, hook cables and chains up to the CRV so the car could be lifted from the water.

The dive team also deployed chemical contamination booms to prevent any oil, gas, or chemical leaks from entering the wider waterbody.

More details on the criminal investigation will be posted as they become available.