Dog left in hot car at Wilton Y

Wilton’s animal control officer, Chris Muir, responded to a call for a dog left in a car on June 14 at the Wilton YMCA, 404 Danbury Road. According to police, the dog was monitored and found not to be in immediate danger, but its owner was educated on how a vehicle’s temperature can rise quickly.
The incident was called in by a bystander around 12:30 in the afternoon. Muir said he did not know how long the dog had been in the car, but when he arrived the temperature inside was 84 degrees. The outside temperature was 71 degrees.
When asked if this is a common call, he said, “unfortunately, yes. It’s not yet, but it will be.” Most often he responds to calls at Wilton’s supermarkets and the Y. Asked if he had any advice for pet owners, he said, “Keep the dog at home.”