DUI driver found asleep

While patrolling Ridgefield Road near Deforest Road, a police officer noticed a 2013 Ford Taurus partially parked in the northbound lane and on the curb.
Approaching the car, the officer found its driver and sole occupant, Brendan Burba, 28, of 49 Palisades Road, Rye, N.Y., asleep.
When he awoke, Burba could not produce a driver’s license, was slurring his speech and had glassy, bloodshot eyes, police said.
He was administered a field sobriety test, but did not perform it to standard and was charged with DUI, along with failure to carry a license. Burba refused breath testing.
Taken into custody, Burba was released on a promise to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on Jan. 21.