DUI: Ridgefield woman is way over legal limit

A motorist arrested for DUI was found to be more than three times over the legal limit of intoxication.
Courtney Cahill, 29, of 3 Fisher Lane, Ridgefield, was arrested on Aug. 16 in the area of Westport Road and Danbury Road.
At approximately 6:30 p.m., police received a complaint of an erratic driver traveling south on Danbury Road.
The car was reported to have run two red lights and to have crossed the double yellow line, nearly hitting a utility pole and another driver.
Cahill was stopped on Westport Road and did not perform a field sobriety test to standard.
She was breathalyzed and was revealed to have had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.297. The legal limit is 0.08.
Cahill was arrested on two counts of failure to obey a red light, one count of crossing the double yellow line and DUI.