Committee considers two-story addition for police headquarters

A two-story addition to the south of the existing police headquarters would permit the building to be in continuous use during construction, according to an architect for the project.

Architect Brian Humes, of Jacunski Humes Architects, LLC, made the comments at the July 26 meeting of the Police Headquarters/Town Campus Facility Study Committee.

Humes had been asked to determine the feasibility of an expanded footprint to the police headquarters adjacent to the existing headquarters. Only a few functions would need to be provided elsewhere during that construction time, Humes told the committee. 

The discussion is in line with the committee’s latest pattern of determining if and how the existing headquarter building may be modified or added to.

Wilton Police Chief John Lynch added to the discussion, saying there has been talk about the feasibility of incorporating a Department of Public Works bunk room in the police headquarters. He also expressed a strong desire to maintain an indoor firing range with the headquarters or at least close by.

The existing firing range has not been in use due to issues with the range.  Officers have had to travel outside of Wilton when the outdoor range at the Transfer Station cannot be used due to restriction on hours or weather.

The study so far has included an analysis of the deficiencies and potential cost associated with repairs to Town Hall and the Annex and how those costs can be avoided by moving Town employees to vacant and underutilized space at Comstock.  The goal of the committee is to expand the footprint of the police station and at the same time decrease the total footprint of Town Hall and the Annex by the same amount or more.  Moving employees to the newly renovated Comstock building would facilitate that goal.

However, the spot where it is right now makes sense because the electrical power supply is there, said committee member Keith Fordsman.

The committee’s goal is to have a plan up for a town vote next spring.