Commission picks Crosby to lead Wilton police

The Police Commission has recommended to the Board of Selectmen that Interim Chief Robert Crosby be made Chief of Wilton Police.
“He’s the best suited for the position,” said Police Commission Chair Christopher Weldon. “He has the credentials, the background, the experience; he’s been with the department almost as long as Michael Lombardo was.”
Lombardo, the previous chief, left the department on Jan. 1 to head up Trumbull’s agency.
Immediately following Lombardo’s departure, Deputy Chief Crosby took over in his stead, for the time it would take the Wilton Police Commission to search for and find a new chief.
Crosby is a 31-year veteran of the Wilton police force.
“Bob went to Wilton High School. He’s been in town for years and years, a born- and-bred Wilton guy,” added Weldon.
The Board of Selectmen will discuss the terms of the position in an executive session at its meeting on Sept. 8, Weldon said.
If the board decides to promote Crosby, it will not be the first time Wilton has named a chief from within its own ranks. Lombardo was a captain in Wilton when he filled the retired Chief Edward Kulhawik’s position in 2010. Kulhawik had also risen through Wilton’s ranks.