Clinton receives $36K in Wilton campaign contributions

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC)’s individual contribution filings for March 2016, Wiltonians donated the most money to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton last month.

Reported contributions include those made to presidential campaigns of $200 or greater, although some smaller contributions are also reported.

At $35,867.04, Clinton has received the largest amount of contributions in Wilton, followed by fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who received $12,209.99.

As for the Republican candidates, Wiltonians contributed $1,830 to Ted Cruz, $1,100 to John Kasich, and $250 to Donald Trump in March. They also contributed $625 to Ben Carson, who is no longer in the race but will still be on the ballot in Connecticut’s upcoming primary on April 26.

Clinton also received the most March individual campaign contributions at the state level ($576,615.77). The other candidates received the following:

  • Sanders: $306,938.81.

  • Kasich: $105,489.

  • Cruz: $58,922.

  • Trump: $7,173.62.

Since January, Connecticut residents have donated around $2.42 million to presidential campaigns. In total, Connecticut has made $6.83 million in presidential campaign donations.