Cider Mill parent arrested after comment towards student

Sheree Loud, 55, of Cannon Road, was arrested Tuesday, June 24, for disorderly conduct after police say she made a brief, one-word comment to a 10-year old student at the Cider Mill School. Ms. Loud is the parent of a different student who attends the school.

The wording of the statement was not made available to the press.

According to police, Ms. Loud was upset over her belief that her own child had been bullied by the victim over the course of the school year. The mother alleges her child had a lunch “stomped on” and “destroyed” by the victim in recent weeks, police Lt. Don Wakeman said Tuesday.

Nevertheless, on June 13 at a school function at Cider Mill attended by parents and students, Ms. Loud “came up next” to the victim and “made a comment to the girl,” police said.

The 10-year old victim immediately started crying after the comment was made, police said. Another student overheard the comment and was able to verify it was made.

The parent was issued a misdemeanor summons on June 24, and is expected in court on Monday, July 7.