Chestnut Hill resident arrested after police find 15 birds starved to death

Jesse Sheldon, 31, of Chestnut Hill Road, was arrested on Saturday, Dec. 6 after police found he had allowed a collection of 15 chickens and ducks to starve to death.

Wilton police spokesman Lt. Don Wakeman released a report today indicating police had initially responded to the home Saturday around 11 p.m. for an alleged domestic incident, and during that investigation found 15 birds starved to death.

No charges were filed in regards to the domestic incident.

Police on the scene charged Mr. Sheldon with 15 counts of cruelty to animals. He was released from custody after posting $7,500 bond, and is expected in court on Dec. 16.

Lt. Wakeman said more information regarding specific details of the case would be available tomorrow.