Chemical reaction caused Linden Tree Road house fire

An adverse chemical reaction of pool and lawn supplies is what is believed to have caused a fire that significantly damaged a home on Linden Tree Road on March 29.

“It appears to have been an accidental fire which originated in a storage cabinet under the rear deck,” Fire Inspector Rocco Grosso said Tuesday. The chemicals were stored in the cabinet.

The chemical reaction apparently ignited the deck, and the fire then spread from there to the house. There was also a grill on the deck and the gas tanks burned, which could have contributed to the acceleration of the fire, Mr. Grosso said. The tanks did not explode, he said.

“There were reports of explosions, but it could have been windows,” he explained.

No one was injured in the fire that took manpower and equipment from Wilton and five other towns to extinguish. There was one casualty — the family dog — which perished despite efforts by firefighters and EMS responders to revive it.

Mr. Grosso said he would advise property owners concerned about household chemical storage “to look at the packaging and usually there will be information about proper storage.”

Short of some paperwork, the investigation is complete, Mr. Grosso said.