Cars stolen

Wilton police helped to recover two vehicles stolen on Jan. 28.
Around 7 a.m., a resident of 342 Westport Road reported that a 2011 Audi A4 had been stolen from the resident’s driveway. It was reported the car was left unlocked and the keys were left inside the vehicle.
At about the same time, another car — this one left idling — was stolen from a nearby home in Westport and the incident was reported to the Westport Police Department.
Through methods not disclosed, Wilton police were able to determine that the car stolen in Wilton was in a certain part of New Haven.
Wilton’s agency notified New Haven police, who located the car, initiated a stop, and apprehended driver Quintesa Robinson of New Haven. A 17-year-old passenger from Bridgeport was released from the scene.
Shortly after Robinson was apprehended, investigations jointly conducted in New Haven by Wilton and Westport detectives revealed the approximate location of the car stolen from Westport. That car was in Bridgeport.
“Based on our investigation when we were up in New Haven,” Wilton Lt. Stephen Brennan said, “we were able to learn where the second vehicle may have been located. Upon investigating that particular area down in Bridgeport, we were able to locate that vehicle.”
By 12:30 p.m. Thursday, both cars were recovered, and the two thefts seem to be related, Brennan said. “There’s been a string of people coming down to our communities and stealing cars,” he said.
Wilton police are charging Robinson with second-degree larceny, and are building a case around the 17-year-old.
The Wilton Police Department encourages residents to lock their vehicles, and advises against leaving keys inside cars and leaving cars unattended while idling.