Bronx woman commits check fraud in Wilton

Police arrested a 19-year-old woman from the Bronx on April 27 after she attempted to cash fraudulent checks at two different Chase banks in Wilton.

Nyderah McDonald of 1368 Metropolitan Avenue first attempted to cash a forged check for $1,900 at the Chase Bank at 34 Danbury Road in South Wilton. She tried using a forged New York state driver’s license.

When the transaction did not go through, at about 2:30 she went to the Chase Bank in Wilton Center at 33 Ridgefield Road, this time attempting to cash a different forged check for $2,100.

Realizing the account number on the check didn’t match the name on the check, the Chase Bank in Wilton Center notified Wilton police, who responded and took McDonald into custody as she was exiting the building.

McDonald was charged with third-degree larceny for her first attempt ($1,900) and fourth-degree larceny for her second ($2,100).

She was also charged with first-degree forgery for the fake driver’s license and two counts of third-degree forgery, one for each of the fraudulent checks.

Because the account number used on the checks corresponded to a real person, McDonald was tagged with identity theft as well.

McDonald was held on $25,000 bond and arraigned at Norwalk Superior Court on April 28.