Breaking News: Navin murder case is headed to trial

Kyle Navin who is charged in the shooting deaths and murder of his parents Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, has decided not to take a plea deal offered by the court and is headed to trial.

He refused the deal on Wednesday, Dec. 6, shortly before noon, in front of Judge Robert Devlin in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Navin, 29, was offered a deal by the court in which he would have received a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison in exchange for pleading guilty to two counts of murder.

In the courtroom, alongside his attorney Eugene Riccio, Navin was asked by Judge Devlin if he understood the advantages and disadvantages of not taking the plea deal, and he responded that he did.

Accepting Navin's decision, the judge said the jury selection process for Navin's upcoming murder trial would start in early February.

Forum assistant editor Gregory Menti was at the courthouse, and said Navin appeared to be in good shape and had a full, thick beard. "Kyle Navin was quite presentable. He was very quiet and didn’t say much. The hearing was quick and was over in just a couple minutes," Menti said.

Kyle Navin's girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, reached a deal with the court on Nov. 17,  pleading guilty under the Alford Doctrine to conspiracy to commit murder and hindering prosecution for the deaths of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin.

Valiante faces eight years in prison under the deal, and is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 26.

Her attorney, Norman Pattis, said Valiante helped cover up the murders of Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, but she did not know Kyle Navin intended to kill his parents, and she didn’t help him to do so.

Kyle Navin is charged with two counts of murder and one count of murder under special circumstances, for the shooting deaths of his parents.

The couple were longtime residents of Weston and had recently moved to Easton when they were reported missing in August 2015.

Their bodies were discovered a few months later, inside contractor bags and buried under leaves in a yard at an abandoned home in Weston. Both had been shot.

Jeffrey Navin, 56, was co-owner of J&J Refuse of Westport, where Kyle Navin worked. Jeanette Navin, 55, was a longtime paraprofessional at Weston public schools.

According to police reports, Kyle Navin was a heroin user and killed his parents because he was concerned that he was going to be cut from their wills.

Navin has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is being held on $2.5-million bond.