Breach of peace at Swizzles

On Tuesday, July 16, Charles Schneider, of 86 Pelham Lane, was charged with breach of peace following an incident that occurred at Swizzles Frozen Yogurt.

At some time on July 16, Mr. Schneider entered the Swizzles Frozen Yogurt shop, and accused the store manager of harassing his daughter — an employee of the store. During the confrontation between the suspect and the 31-year old manager, Mr. Schneider “walked behind the counter, and pushed” the manager, according to Wilton police.

According to Mr. Schneider’s deposition, he was upset that the store manager had accused his daughter of stealing after the cash register she was operating was short $2.

The manager maintained the cash register was short more than $5 when he confronted Mr. Schneider’s daughter. At the store, $5 is the threshold for termination of an employee. Rather than firing the employee, the manager said he simply wanted her to reimburse the business for the missing money.

Mr. Schneider initially denied pushing the manager, and claimed he had “tripped on a mop bucket.” Upon reviewing surveillance footage with police, he admitted he had forcibly pushed the manager.

Mr. Schneider was arrested at 9:40 p.m. and released on a misdemeanor summons. He is due in court on Friday, July 26.