Be a hero, save a hero

I bet you never thought you could save a firefighter! Yes, you can save a firefighter today! The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has launched a program with the title of this article in the interest of Community Risk Reduction, making towns, cities, and neighborhoods as fire free as possible and protecting our firefighters nationwide. Wilton is a proactive town and this is just an easy thing to do to keep your family and our firefighters safe and from the grip of an unwanted fire.

Below are smoke alarm facts and tips from the “Be a Hero, Save a Hero” program.

  • One in four U.S. homeowners needs to update their fire safety equipment.
  • Nearly two-thirds of residential fire deaths occur in homes without smoke alarms or with non-working smoke alarms.
  • The average U.S. single-family home has on the average of five smoke alarms.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are working. Check them every month.
  • It is important to have not just one smoke alarm, but smoke alarms in every sleeping location and every level of your home.
  • If possible, interconnect your smoke alarms so a fire detected by any smoke alarm will sound all smoke alarms throughout your home.
  • Develop and practice an escape plan so that everyone knows what to do if the smoke alarm sounds.

So, I ask that you make your next family activity a trip to Click on the “Public Resources” logo and see what else you can do to keep your home and family safe.

Oh yeah, and you’ll be keeping us safe, too! Remember that if you don’t have a fire, we don’t have to put our firefighters in harm’s way. While we stand ready to protect and serve, “prevention” is our priority. Make it yours, too!

Have a very happy, healthy and safe New Year. For information or assistance, call the Wilton fire marshal at 203-834-6249, weekdays, 8 to 4.