Baby is born on Route 7

On the lookout for speeding cars along Route 7, Wilton Police Officer Robert Nosal came face to face with a boy in a hurry of a different sort.

Around midnight on Saturday, June 22, a car sped past Officer Nosal and he pursued. The driver stopped, got out of the car and ran towards Officer Nosal’s car, announcing he was taking his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital.

As Officer Nosal approached the car he found the mother — Margarita Revzin, of Mather Street — actively delivering the baby. He and the father arrived just in time for the father to “catch the baby as it came out,” said Wilton Lt. Don Wakeman.

Upon delivery, Officer Nosal realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around the child’s neck, and he was not breathing. The police officer removed the umbilical cord and used a suction device to remove blockages around the baby’s mouth and nose. The boy began to breathe.

Mr. Nosal’s emergency actions, and his ability “to stay cool and calm, and realize that he needed to remove the umbilical cord, and do suctioning” may have saved the baby’s life, Mr. Wakeman said.

“All of our officers are trained as medical response technicians,” he continued. “His training paid off here. Every time we go through refresher courses, there’s a segment on childbirth. His training kicked in, and helped him deliver a healthy baby boy.”