Attempted high beam stop results in Route 7 rollover

Norwalk resident Luigi Lombardi, 29, was arrested and charged with failure to dim high beams, failure to keep right on a curve and traveling too fast in the early morning hours of April 18.

While driving on Route 7 near Honey Hill Road, Lombardi failed to dim the high beams of his 2003 Lexus LX470 to an approaching Wilton police officer, who flashed his beams to alert the driver to dim his.

As the officer turned his cruiser around to stop him, Lombardi began driving at a high rate of speed and slid sideways across the southbound lane into a metal guardrail. The Lexus slid 58 feet along the rail, spun around, slid sideways across the southbound lane into the northbound lane, and rolled over before resting in the grass on the northbound shoulder.

Even though the officer activated the emergency lights of his “clearly marked police car,” said police, Lombardi told police he was not attempting to get away and that the accident was the result of him trying to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The officer, however, did not see a vehicle pass by as he arrived at the scene 15 seconds after the accident happened.

Lombardi had three passengers in his car. He and and one of the passengers sustained minor injuries and were checked at the scene by Georgetown Fire Department EMS.

The officer gave Lombardi “the benefit of the doubt,” said police, and did not cite him for pursuit.