97 mph with a learner’s permit

A late-night joy ride likely did not end as expected.
Around 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 6, a Wilton police officer observed a car without lights on turning left from Route 7 onto Route 107.
The officer attempted a stop, but the vehicle kept going, increasing its speed.
According to police, the vehicle sped up as it traveled eastbound in Route 107’s westbound lane.
It then passed a Redding police cruiser that was stationary in Georgetown Center. The cruiser’s dashboard camera recorded the vehicle traveling at 97 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.
Police said after seeing the Redding cruiser, the driver voluntarily stopped on Route 107 by Meadow Ridge.
They said he had only a Connecticut learner’s permit and had taken the vehicle without his parents’ knowledge.
The driver, 17, of Old Stage Coach Road, Redding, was issued a misdemeanor summons for failure to obey an officer’s signal, reckless driving, operating without a proper instructor and speeding as to endanger.
He was released at the scene to his parents.