Wilton student is published in international journal

Wilton High School senior Audrey Elsberry recently had a piece of hers published in the international literary journal
Wilton High School senior Audrey Elsberry recently had a piece of hers published in the international literary journal "Girls Right the World."

Inspiration to write can come from a bevy of sources. For Wilton High senior Audrey Elsberry, inspiration was found in music.
While attending a high school choir adjudication trip to Baltimore, a performance by Wilton High’s Madrigals choir inspired her to write. Her piece, “The Most Beautiful Silence,” would go on to be published in “Girls Right the World,” an international literary journal.
“I was sitting in the audience watching the highest, most prestigious choir in our high school perform and they were doing pieces unlike anything I had ever heard before,” Audrey said. “They would sing these crazy chords that were pretty and then they would not sing anything and they would just stand there.”
Audrey said the momentary pauses in the performance influenced her piece. The pauses helped to amplify the beauty of the sound, she said. The choir highlighting the significance of silence drew her to make this connection to her own life.
“Silence can manifest in a lot of ways,” Audrey said.
With senior year comes the expectations of colleges students will choose. Learning to not be affected by outside influences was important, she said.
“I think appreciating the silence is taking a breath and saying ‘I don’t need to listen to the noise around me,’” Audrey said.
Since she was young she always enjoyed writing. Audrey said growing up she excelled the most in her writing courses. The opportunity to flex her creative writing skills was also exciting, she said.
“Writing is something I’ve always loved doing,” she said. “It’s definitely something I want to continue in the future.”
With her work featured in the literary journal, she was among a wide range of women writers. Having her work published among a diverse group of woman was also important, Audrey said.
“There were women from areas I’ve never been talking about experiences I’ve never experienced,” she said. “Being a part of a cultural group like that was really awesome.”
Audrey will attend the University of South Carolina this fall and major in journalism. Getting her piece published has motivated her to always continue doing what she loves.
“Having this opportunity while I was still in high school showed me that no matter what I’m doing I’m going to keep writing and keep sharing my work,” she said.