Wilton's chief financial officer tops town salary list

The town’s chief financial officer, who wears a number of hats, led the list of top gross pay earners for the town of Wilton in 2018.
In addition to her position as the town’s chief financial officer, Anne Kelly-Lenz is also the chief financial officer for the Wilton public schools and serves as town treasurer, which earned her $179,167 in 2018 to top the list of town employees.
Also on the list are a number of police officers, top town officials including First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, and several firefighters.
Sarah Taffel, human resources director for the town, said it should be noted that Fire Capt. James Gies, third on the list at $166,594, and Controller Richard McArdle, ninth on the list at $144,999, were longtime employees who retired with the town and were entitled to sick leave and vacation payouts associated with their longevity and retirement. Those payouts are included in the listed salaries.
Taffel said the earnings for the police officers and the firefighters on the list include extra-duty pay (reimbursed by the contractors who requested the services of the officer), overtime, and stipends associated with their employment.
The firefighters have scheduled overtime to cover firefighter absences due to the size of the department.
Also, Christopher Burney, who earned $159,401, and is fourth on the list, works a combined position as facilities director for both the town and the schools as well as the public works director for the town.
Following are the top 20 town wage earners for 2018:

  1. Anne Kelly-Lenz, chief financial officer for town and schools and town treasurer, $179,167.

  2. Police Sgt. Steven C. Rangel, $168,800.

  3. Fire Capt. James C. Gies, $166,594.

  4. Christopher M. Burney, director of public works, facilities and energy management, board of education facilities director, $159,401.

  5. Police Detective Kip R. Tarrant, $158,034.

  6. Police Detective Peter L. Trahan, $152,858.

  7. Police Chief John P. Lynch, $151,397.

  8. Police Capt. Thomas Conlan, $145,472.

  9. Controller (retired), Richard K. McArdle, $144,999.

  10. Police Sgt. Anthony Cocco, $142,758.

  11. Police Officer Eric Patenaude, $141,569.

  12. Police Officer Frank Razzaia, $140,656.

  13. Police Capt. Robert A. Cipolla Jr., $139,984.

  14. Firefighter David A. Chaloux, $137,276.

  15. Police Sgt. Arnault P. Baker, $136,384.

  16. First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, $136,107.

  17. Police Sgt. Anna R. Tornello, $135,836.

  18. Fire Chief Ronald E. Kanterman, $134,386.

  19. Police Officer Paul R. Lichtenberger, $134,008.

  20. Fire Capt. James P. Blanchfield, $133,235.

Editor's Note: This story was changed to correct the salary of Christopher Burney.