Wilton resident finishes Berlin Marathon

Wilton resident Trephene Andrea was among the 40,775 finishers of the 2018 BMW Berlin Marathon, an annual 26-mile road race in Berlin, Germany, that took place Sept. 15-16.

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Andrea, a runner of four years, who finished the marathon in four hours, 22 minutes and 39 seconds — placing 751st in the W45 age group and 4,982nd overall.

Andrea said she decided to participate in the Berlin Marathon for the first time in order to achieve a goal she set for herself three years ago — “to complete all six Abbott World Marathon Majors, which are Berlin, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Boston and London.”

Having participated in two New York City Marathons and one Chicago Marathon, the 45th annual Berlin Marathon was Andrea’s fourth marathon in three years.

Andrea said it was “amazing” to not only “run strong and finish” in Berlin, but to also be there when a new world record was set. At this year’s marathon, a 33-year-old Kenyan named Eliud Kipchoge set a new world record when he crossed the finish line in two hours, one minute and 39 seconds.

Andrea said she met Kipchoge the Friday evening before the race and “had the chance to talk with him about his projected finish time.”

“He came out and smashed it, and there was a certain level of ‘I was here when this happened’ feeling,” she said. “I still remember where I was on the course when the news got to us. [It was] just fantastic.”

Back home, Andrea runs “many other distances in and around Connecticut,” she said, “and wherever the roads may take me.”

Although she’s a “recent transplant to Wilton,” Andrea said, she’ been “running through the streets of Wilton for a while now,” and is “ever so thankful to the Wilton Police Department, who have been present when I’m out running during some very early mornings.”

Andrea said she will run the New York City Marathon again this November, and then begin training for the 2019 Tokyo Marathon in Japan.

Information: bmw-berlin-marathon.com/en