Wilton promotes first female police officer

At a ceremony on Thursday, July 2, Eva Zimnoch became the first woman on the Wilton police force to be promoted. She was elevated to the rank of detective.
“It is not an easy thing to get promoted in a police department,” Interim Chief Robert Crosby told an audience of her family and fellow police officers as well as town officials, members of the fire department, and the public.
In addition to being a worthy candidate and passing a test and interview, an officer needs to wait for an opportunity. In Zimnoch’s case, a detective retired and she had her opportunity.

After being sworn in by Town Clerk Lori Kaback, the honor of pinning on her badge was given to Zimnoch’s brother Lester, a sergeant with the Meriden Police Department.
He acknowledged her was very happy for his younger sister who was “following in his footsteps” and added that “he tried to talk her out of it.”
But it was to no avail. Zimnoch, 36, who is originally from Monroe, said she always wanted to be a police officer — “always wanted to be a detective. … It’s been a lifelong dream since I was a little girl,” adding the major influence was that she wanted to pursue a career that involved helping people.
She will now “be in charge of the more serious crimes in town,” she said. The job fits her personality she said, because she loves “investigating ever since I’ve been on patrol. I would take on any case that I could and I’d want to follow through to the end.”
Zimnoch said she was “very, very excited” to begin her new duties and said it was “an honor” to be the first woman police officer in Wilton to be promoted.
“It just goes to show, you have your mind set on something you can get it accomplished.”
Zimnoch joined the Wilton police force in 2005 and has worked patrol and the bicycle unit in Wilton Center. She is also a member of the honor guard and the regional ERT (Emergency Response Team). She is the department’s training officer.
Along with numerous letters of commendation and recognition, as well as a lifesaving award in 2008, earlier this year Zimnoch was named Officer of the Year for 2014.
At that ceremony she described herself as a “go-out-and-get-it, fight crime kind of girl.”
A graduate of Norwalk Community College’s criminal justice program, she is the only officer in Wilton to regularly participate in undercover operations in surrounding towns.
Zimnoch’s work has been noticed by many, including Police Commission Chairman Christopher Weldon who came on board in 2006.
“I’ve watched her grow and blossom,” he said, adding perhaps only partially joking that “a lot of people are afraid of her. She’s in great shape.
“Watching her grow has been stupendous,” he added. “We are very proud and want to congratulate her.”
First Selectman Bill Brennan told those assembled “in Wilton we like to promote from within” because the employees know the town and its policies.
Of the day’s event he said, “this is very exciting for us.”