Unveiling the land of Ladakh

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International documentary photographer, Daryl Hawk, will present a slide show and lecture entitled “Ladakh: Land of High Passes,” at the Wilton Library on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at 7 p.m.

This past April Mr. Hawk embarked alone on a long 3,200-mile solitary journey across the kingdom of Ladakh in northern India and the region of Kashmir. Ladakh is a remote and rugged land that separates the peaks of the western Himalaya range from the vast Tibetan plateau. It is one of the highest and driest regions in all of the world and cut off by snow for six months of the year. The tradition of Tibetan Buddhism is found here as a living and thriving religion. There is something spiritually stirring about the silence and isolation of the place. Mr. Hawk successfully traversed the entire region from the Pakistan border in the west to the Tibet border in the east.

En route, he crossed the Khardung-la Pass at 18,380 feet on the highest motorable road in the world.

Mr. Hawk was there to shoot a documentary for both magazines and television and will share his nonstop, day-to-day adventures, experiences, discoveries, and valuable lessons he learned on this  spiritual journey through this last Shangri-la. His quest and story to glimpse the rare and beautiful snow leopard will also be told.

Photographs of dramatic and rarely seen landscapes, stunning ancient Buddhist monasteries and fortresses, sacred lakes, nomads and Drokpas, recently discovered petroglyphs in caves, the royal palace and meeting with the king and the lifestyles of the people who inhabit this kingdom will all be highlighted in this presentation.

This event is co-sponsored by the Wilton Arts Council and the Wilton Library. Advance registration required.

Information: 203-762-3950 or wiltonlibrary.org.