Republican Selectman Kaelin goes unaffiliated

The Republican status of Selectman Michael Kaelin is no more.

Kaelin, whose term is up on Dec. 1, 2019, has changed his affiliation to unaffiliated.

“The main reason I changed my voter registration from Republican to unaffiliated is because I believe politics has become too negative and too divisive as demonstrated by the fall campaign,” Kaelin said, referring to the heated battle between mainstream Democrat Hillary Clinton and maverick Republican Donald Trump.

Clinton won the popular vote by about 3 million ballots, but Trump captured the most electoral votes by winning the heartland of America with his promise of America first in a time of declining faith in the so-called New World Order.

“While most of this occurs in federal and state campaigns, we are not immune from negativity and divisiveness in Wilton,” Kaelin said. “I believe we need to stop taking sides, and act more like we are on the same team. We talk a lot about being non-partisan. I decided the best way for me to be non-partisan was not to be affiliated with any political party.”

He made the switch just before the election on Nov. 8.

Kaelin said he has no plans to run for office again at this time, but he has three years left on his term so he may run for another term, depending on how the next couple of years go.

“My sole focus right now is doing the best job I can on the Board of Selectmen. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.”

Following is Kaelin’s complete prepared statement  to the Board of Selectmen Dec. 19:

“Back in October, prior to the election, I changed my voter registration to unaffiliated.

“I did not say anything publicly until now because I did not want my changing my voter registration to be misinterpreted as being against any party or any person because it is not.

“I am not against any party or any person.

“I am in favor of everyone.  

“I will continue to do everything I can to support my Republican friends, but I also will continue to do everything I can to support my Democratic and unaffiliated friends.

“People who know me know that I do not vote based upon party labels.

“I decided to change my voter registration to better communicate that to people who do not know me.

“In this spirit and in the spirit of the season, I wish everyone good health and happiness, and I look forward to working with everyone in the New Year.”

Officials of the Republican and Democratic parties were not available to comment on Kaelin’s move to unaffiliated.