Red Cross honors Daniels for WWII work

Julienne M. Daniels served the American Red Cross during World War II as a warehouse director. On Dec. 2, the organization showed its gratitude by awarding her the prestigious Service to the Armed Forces Legacy Award.
The award was presented during a ceremony at The Greens of Cannondale, in front of a crowd of close family and friends. Richard Branigan, chief program officer of the American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Region, presented the award on behalf of the Red Cross.
“This certificate of recognition is presented to Julienne M. Daniels’ dedicated service to the U.S. armed forces deployed in support of military operations in Europe during World War II. Your support of the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces mission and your service under difficult circumstances is to be commended and is hereby recognized with gratitude and respect.”
During World War II, Daniels served with the Red Cross in England, France and Germany. She was faced with varied and sometimes dangerous experiences including crossing minefields, running warehouses and aiding the dying. Her most rewarding duties, she said, involved helping soldiers correspond with their loved ones back home, “I would help the GIs write letters home telling of wounds and anxieties, offering divorce or breaking engagements. Discouraging replies were rarely received,” said Daniels. “It was amazingly heartening. When thinking and talking of my service, all these memories come to mind; they are the most and best poignant recollections of the past.”
Philip Chapman, Retired, Red Cross National Office and current Red Cross volunteer, helped to coordinate the award.
“My wife and I had lunch with Col. Daniels and Julienne and started to learn the full story of her service,” Chapman said. “She had lost her records on her way back from serving in Europe at the end of her tour in Paris, she generously gave away her uniform and her trunk was stolen and she lost all of her records of her service. She had no records to show her children and grandchildren of her service to the Red Cross, so we wanted to be able to help.”
Daniels has renewed her involvement with the Red Cross, having recently joined the Service to the Armed Forces: Our Legacy Continues project. This program strives to capture the names of those who have served alongside the U.S. military in combat, peacekeeping, peacemaking and humanitarian missions, along with their stories and experiences of time spent in service to the armed forces.