Nutritionist offers fresh ideas for healthy eating

Getting in shape is typically the most popular New Year’s resolution, but it can be hard to create a plan, with the barrage of health and nutrition advice.

That’s where Loryn Galardi comes in. Ms. Galardi, a clinical nutritionist and founder of Comprehensive Nutrition at 11 Sugarloaf Drive, is currently offering an expanded list of group classes, workshops and private counseling sessions.

“There’s been an increased demand,” said Ms. Galardi, who also offers classes through the Wilton Y and Wilton Continuing Education and gives talks and workshops at a long list of community organizations, including various schools, preschools, Wilton Library, Ambler Farm, and the Wilton Newcomers Association.

“My clients include men, women and children of all ages,” she said. “My aim is to help you reach your highest wellness potential.”

She also provides corporate programs and lectures.

Ms. Galardi began her business part-time in 2004, after receiving her master’s degree in clinical nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, but has since expanded the practice to full-time because of “all the interest,” she said.

Ms. Galardi said her approach is specifically tailored to each client. For example, her individual and customized sessions help clients “gain a better understanding of their current health,” she said. “Sessions include in-depth analysis of health concerns, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, exercise information, metabolic assessments, meal planning advice, blood work review, and sleep analysis,” among other issues.

Classes include “Restyle Your Lifestyle,” “The Supplement Overhaul,” “The Real Meals Program,” and “The 28-day Cleanse and Detox Workshop.”

“Whether you want to lose those holiday pounds, feel more energized, sleep better, or heal a particular health issue, there is a program to meet your needs,” Ms. Galardi said.

Another offering is “Anti Up and Slim Down,” which is based on Ms. Galardi’s belief that “antioxidants are man’s best friend.”

Pairing fitness options with nutrition programs provides a one-two punch, she said. She works with the Wilton Y on such classes, and also with personal trainers and yoga teacher Kathy Drake.

One word that is not part of Ms. Galardi’s vocabulary is “diet.” “That’s the biggest mistake you can make if you are trying for healthy weight loss,” she said.

Instead, she advocates a more holistic approach, which she described as a “lifestyle shift.”

The second biggest mistake is “not reading the ingredients” on food, according to Ms. Galardi. “Look for as few ingredients as possible. That’s the best food. For example, an apple has none.”

Ms. Galardi, a native of Norwalk who has lived in Wilton for 30 years, also offers tips about “eating this, not that.” For example, a cheddar cheese omelet is preferable to a bagel with cream cheese.

Her husband, Charlie, assists her business by helping to cook nutritious meals, she said.

Another bit of advice offered by Ms. Galardi is to eat “according to your Circadian rhythms,” or natural body clock. For example, “Eat when you are going to be most active, to fuel the activity,” she said. “Don’t eat your biggest meal at night.”

Why has there been so much interest in nutrition and healthy eating lately?

“I think it has been made popular by people like Dr. Oz,” Ms. Galardi said. “And people have become increasingly aware of the obesity problem. … I think the increased awareness is wonderful.”

These health issues have “reached epidemic proportions in our country and in the world,” Ms. Galardi said. “But it’s never too late, and even small changes can make a world of difference.”

“Remember, prevention is better than a cure.”

Ms. Galardi said her interest in the field was sparked by personal experience. “When I was an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I ate a lot of pizza and gained 30 pounds,” she said. “I went on every diet imaginable, but nothing worked.”

Once she discovered the effectiveness of quality nutrition paired with fitness, she never looked back.

“I am truly passionate about educating as many people who will listen about nutrition, eating well and lifestyle shifts,” Ms. Galardi said.

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