New Grodin book draws on 'life in America'

Actor and humanitarian Charles Grodin has written a new book, Just When I Thought I’d Heard Everything!, available as a paperback or ebook.

Mr. Grodin’s book is full of “his humorous observations on actual stories in the news about life in America including stories on relationships, family, travel, surveys, etc.,” a press release said.

An excerpt from the book’s chapter on Unusual People: “My longtime friend, Ria Berkus told me a good one the other day. She said ‘You start out believing in Santa. Then you don’t believe in Santa. Then you become Santa. Then you look like Santa.”

Mr. Grodin is the author of a number of books including It Would Be So Nice If You Weren’t Here, If I Only Knew Then, We’re Ready for You Mr. Grodin, I Like it Better When You’re Funny, Freddie the Fly, The Right Kind of People and How I Get Through Life.

Just When I Thought I’d Heard Everything! is available on amazon, or at