Nesteruk appointed learning center manager

After tutoring at College Nannies + Tutors for a little over half a year, Kurt Nesteruk was promoted to learning center manager on July 1.

“We had kind of been discussing it for a while, which is kind of the humor behind it, because everyone’s congratulating me and I kind of feel like I had already had the job for a while,” said the 24-year-old Wilton native.

Mr. Nesteruk said he and Leona Peiffer, the center’s managing principal, had discussed appointing him as manager prior to his promotion.

“I knew Leona wanted to get me into the manager position — it was just a matter of acquiring funds, and once we did, we just made it official,” said Mr. Nesteruk.

As the manager of the one-on-one tutoring center, Mr. Nesteruk’s responsibilities include hiring new tutors, bringing in families seeking tutors for their children, and pairing them with the right tutors.

“The idea is to get tutors that aren’t just qualified, but that fit well with your child,” said Mr. Nesteruk.

“I even still do some tutoring, but all in all, I’m responsible for just making the center run.”

Mr. Nesteruk said his transition from lead tutor to learning center manager has been a smooth one.

“College Nannies + Tutors, as a business, they make the job pretty easy,” he said.

“Really, anything that’s hard about it is the fact that I’m young and I’m learning a lot of things as I go along.”

Although he is used to working with students and their families as a tutor, Mr. Nesteruk said, “It’s definitely new to me to be working with so many people.”

“It’s new for me to be working in this setting where we have to worry about signing people up, signing them up for payment and the sessions, and them asking me what we do,” said Mr. Nesteruk.

“I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily difficult, but I’m just experiencing a lot of new things, and sometimes new things can be a little intimidating.”

Mr. Nesteruk said the best part of being manager is that he will get to continue doing what he loves to do.

“I love being an educator and I love being a tutor,” he said. “I feel like I’m a good tutor and a good educator, and I can help people.”

Mr. Nesteruk said he loves finding tutors for children who are struggling in school.

“I want families to be able to see this person and trust them with their child, and really like the influence they have on their child, and get the help they need,” he said.

As the center’s new manager, Mr. Nesteruk said his goal is to “just keep the center growing.”

“I want to get more students in; I want to get more tutors in; I want to get more families involved,” he said.


Mr. Nesteruk said College Nannies + Tutors can pretty much help any student with any school subject.

“We’ve done a lot of math tutoring, mainly because that happened to be what people were really asking for,” he said.

“I have done English and writing and stuff. There’s SAT and ACT test prep, which we’ve done plenty of times, but really no subject is untouchable.”

Mr. Nesteruk said the center has students who come from out of town, but the vast majority are from Wilton, and the center usually sees the same students multiple times a week.

“For many, many weeks this past year, there was more than 20 hours of tutoring each week in the center,” said Mr. Nesteruk.

“Whether that’s 20 individual students or the same student coming back multiple times. It changes, but at a minimum, we were doing more than 20 hours of tutoring a week.”


Mr. Nesteruk said he wants the community to recognize one of Wilton’s greatest qualities — its dedication to education.

“As a community, it is really dedicated to its schools, and while you can do everything through the schools, sometimes there are solutions elsewhere,” said Mr. Nesteruk, who graduated from Wilton High School in 2008.

Mr. Nesteruk said he would like people to see that tutoring businesses like College Nannies + Tutors can be part of the community.

“It might not be free, but it is something to those who can have it,” he said.

“It can really help boost students’ confidence in school, help them figure out where they want to go; it can get them a role model and it can get them a good plan —it’s all the sorts of things that middle schoolers and high schoolers need.”

Mr. Nesteruk, who recently graduated from the University of Connecticut, said it feels great to be back in Wilton as an adult, working with students in his hometown.

“I grew up here my whole life — kindergarten through 12th grade. When you’re a kid, you don’t quite realize it, but when you come back, you kind of see how lucky you are to grow up here,” he said.

“The amount of dedication the parents and the teachers and the schools have to be a good education system is outstanding, and that shows in the community. I’m just happy to be back and interacting with all those people again.”