Merwin Meadows: Do you know your lifeguards?

Jake Guth Wilton High School Class of 2015

Second-year guard

What is the best part about working at Merwin Meadows?

Saving lives. One time, this kid lost his balance in the water and started flailing around. I jumped off my chair, sprinted into the water, and picked him up. I wasn’t scared. I was very confident because of our weekly [lifeguard] training sessions.

Your older sister Sarah Guth (WHS Class of 2011) used to lifeguard here. Do you feel like you’re following in her footsteps?

Every time Sarah sees me, she says she’s so proud that I’m working here. It’s like a family tradition.

Tristan Haas

Duke University Class of 2017

First-year guard

Why did you decide to lifeguard at Merwin Meadows?

I worked at some local country clubs [as a lifeguard] and a friend told me I should think about working at Merwin.

What is different about working at Merwin as compared to your previous jobs?

I used to guard at pools and they’re a lot smaller. You don’t use a whistle like you do here.

What are the best and worst parts of the job?

My coworkers are my favorite part of the job. The most challenging aspect is the language barrier between the lifeguards and some of the patrons.

Do you plan to work at Merwin next summer?

No, this is my last year of lifeguarding. Next year, I want to get an internship. I’m a double major in economics and public policy.