Longtime volunteer leaves

Michael Rudolph earlier this month resigned his positions as a member of the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals and the Wilton Republican Town Committee, of which he was vice chair.

The reason? Mr. Rudolph and his wife Elizabeth have sold their Indian Hill Road home and moved to Virginia last week.

In a letter to the town committee on Nov. 12, Mr. Rudolph said, “For 25 years, it has been my pleasure to be a member of this group and to serve the town on various land use boards and commissions. In exchange for this volunteer service, I have been privileged to associate with some of the very best people in town, its volunteers. People like you who get nothing in return for their service except the satisfaction of doing a job that contributes to making Wilton such a wonderful place in which to live.

“So now, I’m moving on to another phase of my life, novelist and Southerner. Rest assured, a piece of  my heart will always remain here. God bless and stay well.”

As vice chair of the committee, Mr. Rudolph wrote letters to The Bulletin advising citizens of openings on various boards and commissions. His letters always included the following:

Prior experience is not a requirement, but a commitment to Wilton is essential.

“Everybody in Wilton has an active life filled with many responsibilities, but if we let that become an excuse for not participating in town government, the quality of life in Wilton will deteriorate and we will only have ourselves to blame. Please give it a try.”