Judy Zucker is Democrats’ Lifetime Achiever

Judy Zucker prefers to keep out of the limelight these days, though her town-centered résumé might make that hard to believe. During her 60 years as a Wiltonian, she’s sat on the boards of Education and Selectmen, and served 10 years with the Commission on Social Services.
Today, at 85, she’s still “chugging along,” continuing to serve the Southwest Connecticut Agency on Aging, the Wilton Kiwanis Club, and the Comstock Renovation Building Committee.
“It’s fun because it is what keeps my energy flowing. It keeps my mind working,” she said.
The building committee specifically has “been such a learning experience because I’m not an architect and I’m not an engineer. This was a leap, but I’m learning and I have a great committee.”
Such dedication to her hometown has not gone unnoticed.
On Saturday, May, 2, the Wilton Democratic Town Committee honored Zucker with a Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring her as a “dedicated resident and active Democrat since she first arrived in Wilton.”
“Judy is a role model for us all and represents Wilton at its best. It is not only the incredible breadth and depth of service that makes Judy so special, but also her passion for Wilton and its future. Few others can match that legacy,” said Tom Dec, Wilton DTC chair.
But regardless of the awards she earns, she’s still surprised to be answering interview questions for a newspaper.
“What do you want with me, anyway?” the former selectwoman laughingly asked when this reporter sat down at her kitchen table.
She grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, as you can still hear in her voice, and says she can still visit her old elementary school.
“When they talk about the Upper West Side, that’s really where I grew up. And now I have two sons that live on West End Avenue,” the same street she lived on.
Her first success in Wilton was an unusual one, as she was elected to the Board of Selectmen alongside a Democratic first selectman, an uncommon event in Wilton.
“I went door to door for weeks, and I was knocking on more doors than anyone else ever did. People would say, no one ever came to my door before!”