Hawk to talk at Wilton Library

International photographer Daryl Hawk, owner and founder of Hawk Photography in Wilton, will give a presentation entitled Sacred Places of the World at the Wilton Library from 7 to 8:30 on Sept. 21.
According to Hawk, the presentation will highlight “sacred and spiritual” landscape photographs from places such as the Arctic, Antarctica, the Andes, Patagonia, Argentina, Ladakh, India, Bhutan, New Zealand and more.
Two classical violinists from Wilton will perform during the presentation. Both connected to Wilton High School, Marty Meade is a teacher and Elizabeth Kenneally is
a student.
A press release said Hawk has always found mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, rain forests, woods, glaciers and Arctic tundra to be intensely beautiful and powerful in nature.
“However,” said Hawk, “sacred lands are more than esoteric, spiritual sanctuaries — these places protect biodivsersity. The indigenous cultures that inhabit these lands represent a universality of values that honor the sacred dimension of land and water. They practice reciprocity, reverence, respect and relationship on a daily basis viewing themselves as part of the earth, not superior to it.”

Daryl Hawk

Hawk has been in the photography business for 30 years. He is also a motivational lecturer and travel writer, and has published four books.
Hawk Photography is a full-service studio that specializes in wedding, portrait, corporate, editorial and advertising
Some of Hawk’s photographs will be exhibited at the River Road Gallery at 21 River Road during the months of September and October.
Information: DarylHawk.com, HawkPhotography.com.